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The Year of the Dahlia

As a step toward healing after a tragic family loss, Olive, her mother Ellen, and their three horses have transplanted into a cold, wet Pacific Northwest town. Mired in grief, they try to assimilate into their new environment as they are haunted by mysterious signs from Olive’s older sister, who drowned last May. Through encounters with a lonely English teacher, a Dahlia farmer’s family, and a Salish Indian teenage boy who harbors feelings for Olive, their lives slowly begin to take root.

When one of Olive’s horses is injured in a shooting accident, this unlikely group of residents and their respective stories become more and more tightly intertwined.

The annual growing cycle of Dahlias grounds the chronology of this suspenseful and atmospheric story which takes place during the course of one year. With a moving conclusion that culminates in true resolution, you might find yourself looking at grief, love, and healing in new ways.